Nikki Esposito

Nikki started as an intern for Reybee in 2019 and then soon became an official part of the team as an assistant publicist in the Fall of 2020. She wanted to work with the Reybee team for her love of punk music, the enjoyment of helping out artists to get their music discovered, as well […]

Heather Hawke

Heather Hawke found her footing in the music industry after joining a independent online magazine in late 2011, a year later she decided to challenge herself more and founded Decorated Youth Magazine and has since been able to gain experience both as a journalist and as a freelance photographer. As a photographer, she’s done work […]

Rey Roldan

Rey has seen a lot… and I mean A LOT. Twenty six plus years as a publicist (since 1995) and a few years before that as a nationally published entertainment journalist, he’s been around. Backstage, on the tour bus, in the hotel rooms, behind closed doors, in the conference room… he’s witnessed almost all… but […]