Nikki Esposito


Nikki started as an intern for Reybee in 2019 and then soon became an official part of the team as an assistant publicist in the Fall of 2020. She wanted to work with the Reybee team for her love of punk music, the enjoyment of helping out artists to get their music discovered, as well her drive to learn new things in the music industry. Nikki’s previous knowledge and experiences have developed from her involvement in the Long Island, NY music scene since 2014, from playing in bands, touring, booking tours and concerts, as well as managing her own bands and other artists over the years. In 2018, she graduated from Five Towns College with a Bachelors degree in Music Business not knowing where that would take her, but soon after, an internship with Reybee landed Nikki into her place and the beginning of her journey as a Music Publicist.

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