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A boutique publicity firm that prides itself on its carefully curated roster, Reybee doesn’t operate like most publicity firms. Instead of following templates and typical “publicity” campaigns, the Reybee team revolves around Artist Development, focusing on creating fans and boosting careers by working directly with artists and their label and/or management to explore narratives that not only make great press stories but return the spotlight onto the artists themselves. In a music world that’s become faceless due to playlists and digital music, the Reybee team helps artists tell the stories about their music and, more importantly, about themselves.

Reybee masterminds artist campaigns from the ground up, creating solid foundations to build vastly creative and unique media structures that expands an artist’s profile in every direction possible. For the Reybee team, it’s not only about promoting the current project but supporting a career that also looks ahead to the artist’s next steps and where they’re going. With campaigns that cater to print, television, online, podcasts, public radio, blogs, and emerging media, the team at Reybee evolves with the changing climes and landscape, ensuring a solid strategy and quality results.

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