SPIN Albums of the Year: The Church, “The Hypnogogue”

SOURCE Who determines the best albums of the year? Ultimately, it’s you. The best albums are the ones you love, without explanation. Here are ours.  The Church, The Hypnogogue I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: True artists only get better with time. (And in case you need the reminder, commercial success does not define […]

SPIN: 5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: David J Of Bauhaus/ Love And Rockets

SOURCE Name David J Best known for  Being a founding member of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets as well as a solo artist. Current city  The city of tarnished angels a.k.a. Los Angeles, California. Really want to be in  The world that is evoked by playing music and fortunately I can go there whenever I play. At least […]