Nick & June float in a glittering fog of trilling synthesizers, gentle beat and drum pulses and vibrating organ sounds. Embedded in dark reverb guitars, the bittersweet paired voices of Suzie-Lou Kraft and Nick Wolf lead the way through euphorically orchestrated restraint and meditative ramifications of thought. Where parallels were once drawn to artists like Bon Iver, Damien Rice, and Angus & Julia Stone, now also Beach House, Mazzy Star, and Lana Del Rey, peer through the reverb-veil.

After their last successful record My November My and a longer creative break, the indie duo will release their new mini-album Beach Baby, Baby in May 2023. Things get cinematic: the songs are atmospheric, yet warm and grittily produced. Expansive, with plenty of room for enchanting melodies and the harmoniously merging voices of the two – with pictorial lines of text that set the mental cinema into motion.

If Beach Baby, Baby were a movie, it would probably be a washed-out analogue strip from Sofia Coppola’s early work. In the studio as on stage, Nick & June circle between guitars, ukuleles, shimmering mandolins and deep basses, between old Casio keyboards and echoing horns, playful percussion, drum machines and alienated glockenspiel.

Praised by music critics, Nick & June crack radio and online charts, grace the cultural radio at midnight as well as the TV evening program, featured in cinema movies and on overseas flights in the airline playlists. They play hundreds of concerts throughout Europe. Wonderfully cumbersome named songs like “Home Is Where The Heart Hurts Part 1” or “London City, Boy, It’s Killing Me” become indie anthems and are streamed over 20 million times.

Beach Baby, Baby the long-awaited follow-up will be released in May 2023.