NEW YORK TIMES on AEON STATION: The 18-Year Wait for New Wrens Music Is Over. Sort Of.

The New Jersey indie rockers promised a final album. Their day jobs and families have expanded, but the band’s two creative forces kept writing — separately.

How do you know it’s time to pull the plug on the band you started as a teenager? Is it when you get married and have kids and buy a house in the deep New Jersey ’burbs? Or when you have a job so serious, they move you to Singapore for two years? Or when you turn 50?

How about when your beloved friend and creative genius of a bandmate can’t let go of the songs he’s been working on for more than a decade?

For 51-year-old Kevin Whelan, the answer is none of the above. “There has never been any rationality to it,” he said. “It was like a marriage that none of us could walk away from.” READ MORE