Mensa Deathsquad want you to live in a world without shame or guilt. Mensa Deathsquad want you to dance and think and fuck and cry in a state of total liberation from your pressures, your hang-ups and your social anxiety. Mensa Deathsquad say that not only is there beauty in the darkness of the world, but also joy, rapture, ecstacy.

As the saying goes, “three things will not remain long hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth” and the third Mensa Deathsquad album You Will Hear Thunder finds creator Brandon Phillips pivoting from the aesthetic treasure hunts of previous albums like Cyclist and Patient Zero and turning the searching lens inward looking for the raw, vulnerable places that tell us truths we can feel in our blood.

Today, Mensa Deathsquad is proud to announce that “Light “– the first of several singles from You Will Hear Thunder will be released on November 16, 2021.

Light was the first song I wrote with Barb Morrison as my music mentor and it set the tone for both where I wanted to go with this album and for how Barb and I would work together. “ Says Brandon.  That tone embodies pulsing club kicks and throbbing waves of synthesizers slamming headlong into jagged post-punk guitars and an emotionally raw vocal about a desire so powerful, simply admitting to yourself that it exists would set fire to heaven and earth.

Tracking with Philips’ long history as a member of groups like The Gadjits, The Architects, Other Americans and Brandon Phillips and The Condition, the songs that make up You Will Hear Thunder are smart, sexy, thoughtful and thought-provoking bangers. Bangers optimized for late hours, raised pulses and sweaty catharsis.“Light” sets the tone for the entire collection of songs on You Will Hear Thunder and the songwriting bar by adding a level of emotional honesty that can’t be bargained with or swept under the rug – it demands to be known and it demands your surrender. Where Mensa Deathsquad once began as a way to have some fun with a laptop, it now aspires to be a gleaming electro-punk bullet cutting its way through the darkness of a Frank Miller-esque world of extremes.