FLOOD Magazine: Lyrics Born Walks Us Through Each Collaboration on His New LP Mobile Homies Season 1

You may know the story by now: Global pandemic prevents artist from performing for the indefinite future, artist—with little better to do—turns to having meaningful conversations with other artists which get live streamed to audiences who also have little better to do, bonds between artists grow stronger. Yet in the case of rapper/actor Lyrics Born, this story is a little more open-ended than most. Rather than putting an end to his Mobile Homies podcast when venues started opening again, he transferred that mounting creative energy into a collaborative LP series, which he’ll even begin touring down the West Coast next week.

In the meantime we have Mobile Homies Season 1, the first of what we can assume will be a series of recordings between the artist and his fellow emcees and producers, including Dan the Automator, Lateef the Truthspeaker, and Blackalicious, who recorded their verses before the tragic passing of Gift of Gab last summer. The result is a joyful, catchy, and—when necessary—introspective look at the bonds we forge with each other which quarantine may have permitted us to re-examine and celebrate anew.

With the project officially out today, we asked Lyrics Born to take us track-by-track through each of the collaborations that made this project possible, detailing the joys of working with each of its collaborators. Read his write up and stream along below. READ MORE