Most conversations about Kira tend to start with her formidable history in punk rock, which is understandable, but it’s really just a portion of the big picture. Says the artist herself, “Bass player first and foremost – this is just who I am. Then a sound editor, dog mom, loving wife and loner.”

Kitten Robot Records is honored to add Kira to their roster and present her self-titled debut solo LP. Kira describes her songs as dark minimalism.  As she points out, “these days most of my music is created alone in my room and then fleshed out with tasty additions from close friends I request virtual musical bits from. Then, to Kitten Robot Studio where my loving brother and co-producer Paul Roessler helps me polish each song. The goal is simple – express my inner essence and hope that others might feel a bit of their own by listening.”

In an interview with fellow L.A.-based musical pioneer Alice Bag, Alice pointed out “In her lengthy career, she’s played with several bands, including Waxx, the Visitors, Geza X and the Mommymen, the Monsters, Sexsick, Twisted Roots, Black Flag and dos. It always amazes me when I hear or read someone describe Kira as ‘one of the best female bassists.’ She is one of the best – period.”