James started his journey in the music industry when he was hired as a writer for a music blog called Babetalk in the fall of 2014. While at Babetalk, he quickly rose through the ranks, becoming the site’s head editor and lead interviewer before stepping down from the position in the fall of 2016. He concurrently went on to become the press manager of the SUNY Oneonta Music Industry Club from the spring of 2015 to the fall of 2017. He ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oneonta in the spring of 2018 with a Music Industry major/journalism minor. James landed at Reybee during the summer of 2017. He decided he wanted to work with Reybee after finishing school because he fell in love with both the company and publicity as a whole. He officially joined Reybee one week after graduating. In his free time, James loves to play video games (Specifically Nintendo and racing games), watch reality TV/wrestling, and play bass guitar.