GRIMY GOODS: IMAAD WASIF Releases Lush and Ephemeral New Album ‘SO LONG MR. FEAR’

Building a pathway to get through the coronavirus pandemic, guitarist and songwriter Imaad Wasif’s new album, So Long Mr. Fear — out now via Sonic Ritual — is a beautiful, ephemeral burst of light; a beacon of hope and desire in a sea of confusion.

Soft, with a touch of nostalgia, the album shines lyrically, with minimal production and warm, resonating vocals. Rich, acoustic instrumentals create the bridge for Wasif to share personal moments of reflection, distilling both a perseverance and sense of vulnerability that flows from track to track. Throughout the album, Wasif lets his vocals wash over a lush sound in a holistic and harrowing way, strumming up an atmospheric element that is as palpable as the rhythm and melody it lies within. MORE