Good Bison

“I didn’t make something that other people would necessarily want to listen to. I made something that I would want to jam out to forever,” says Pablo Alvarez, mastermind behind the indie rhythmic alt-rock band Good Bison. While it can be seen as a selfish risk to write music for yourself, it’s one that he […]

Dust Bowl Faeries

“The narrative of ‘Lost In Time’ is surreal and dreamlike and seems like an omen or a foreshadowing of something perhaps exciting, and foreboding,” says Ryder Cooley, the singer, songwriter, accordion player and bandleader for New York-based, cabaret-inspired indie rock band THE DUST  BOWL FAERIES about their new single. A mystical and nautical tale that involves a clockmaker, a girl, […]

Nyte Skye

ABOUT VANISHING Ever dream you’re in a spaceship on a never-ending journey to an unknowable destination? That’s how Nyles Lannon often thought of life in the early part of the pandemic, when time seemed to stand still, before the vaccines or even knowing when there might be any. But whether that spaceship is a desolate […]

Loreena McKennitt

Loreena McKennitt is a rarity in popular music – a self-managed, self-produced artist who owns her own record label, whose music crosses stylistic and cultural boundaries, and who has sold more than 14 million records worldwide. Her music, which combines elements of pop, folk and worldbeat styles, that’s often dubbed “eclectic Celtic”, resonates with enthusiastic […]

Adele Bertei

Adele Bertei was born in Cleveland, Ohio, daughter of an Italian immigrant and a ballroom dance instructor. She became a ward of the state in 1967, with the rest of her childhood years spent in foster homes and reformatories in the greater Cleveland area. Emancipated at 17, she worked a series of jobs including OT […]


It’s the Brill Building at night, illuminated only by the streetlights. The avant-garde with heart and soul. It’s the revolutionary band, The United States of America, filtered through the soundtracks of beautiful, baffling movies you have only seen in your mind. It’s when the gum-snapping, back-combing, smart-talking girl group member feels the blast of the […]

Dead Kennedys

Dead Kennedys’ classic 1980 album Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables has been remixed from the original multitrack tapes by Chris Lord-Alge (Chaka Khan, Green Day, Bruce Springsteen). The band’s debut album (original release date: September 2, 1980) is politically incendiary while also wholly musically adept – provocative and often idiosyncratic agit prop lyrics bouncing off […]

R.E.M. “Chronic Town”

 THE 40th ANNIVERSARY OF CHRONIC TOWN Available For The First Time As A Standalone CD via I.R.S. / UMe With Extensive Liner Notes By Producer MITCH EASTER Also Available In Picture Disc And Cassette Editions LOS ANGELES – JUNE 28, 2022 — Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, R.E.M.’s debut EP CHRONIC TOWN will be released for the […]

Alicia Blue

It’s difficult to pin down exact musical influences on Alicia Blue’s Inner Child Work—and that’s exactly how the California singer-songwriter likes it. Although her folk roots are never far from the surface, the album encompasses dreamy indie-rock (“Dog Days in L.A.”), delicate pop meditations (“Saline Waters”), ’90s alternative rock (“Dirty Hippie”), and even Tori Amos-esque […]

Neurotic Outsiders

STEVE JONES (guitar/vocals) JOHN TAYLOR (bass/vocals) DUFF McKAGAN (guitar/vocals) MATT SORUM (drums)   STEVE JONES, JOHN TAYLOR, DUFF McKAGAN and MATT SORUM have never been afraid to confront their demons–and as they’ve proven in their respective work with the Sex Pistols, Duran Duran and Guns N’ Roses, they don’t like losing. They may come from […]