For thirty-plus years, Bren Holmes has been plying his craft as a musician, songwriter, and bandmate. As an original member of the beyond-beloved The Young Dubliners, this Los Angeles-by-way-of-Dublin bard has gigged all over the world–and lived to tell about it. 

Realistically, one of three things comes characteristically from such a hard-earned pedigree. First Option: Burn out and take up (bitterly or otherwise) another profession entirely; Second Option: Soldier through till his or her band either breaks up or hits the dreaded casino circuit, or the Third Option: Make a well-it’s-about-time-it-happened solo album.

Bren thankfully, and wonderfully, chose the Third Option. In the fall of 2019, Bren decided to part ways with the band in the pursuit of a solo career. After several months, he put together a list of songs he had written and got together with co-producer Bryan Dobbs to record his very first solo album, Everything You Never Wanted.

Everything You Never Wanted stands a most welcome addition to the cross-genre pantheon of one Irish ex-pat guy with an acoustic guitar (plus some illustrious muso-friends) vs. the Big Bad World. Fans of Bren’s former band will doubtless wonder how much this new LP will evoke–or maybe lay to rest somehow–his longtime affiliation with a live act (and a recording act nine albums strong) that endeared itself to thousands. One listen, however, will immediately raise smiles… and perhaps a pint or two. Powerfully humble and sincere (but with a twist), these ten songs take hold and stick with you straight away.