The Buckleys boldly make a splash into the country pop scene with “Oops I Love You,” a feel-good anthem of spontaneous summer love.



Throw out the roses and remove the rom-coms from your Netflix queue, because The Buckleys are so over it. That’s right, according to the band’s newest single, “Oops I Love You,” the novelty of heartfelt gestures has worn off. No matter how delicious that box of chocolates is, and regardless of how much effort you put into creating that handwritten card, they won’t be doing you any favors when it comes to winning the hearts of these three spunky musicians.

A Rose is Overrated
And promises break I
Don’t like complicated
The movies are fake
Ain’t it so lame how they all end the same damn way
No I never believed

Hailed by critics as the next big thing in country-pop, The Buckleys are a three-piece band hailing from Byron Bay, Australia, consisting of siblings Sarah, Molly and Lachlan. Since releasing their debut single, “Daydream,” which reached No. 1 on the Australian Country Music Radio Charts in 2019, the three have blazed a sizzling trail across the globe with their rambunctious, sunshine-infused discography. After mere seconds of listening to the band, one can easily pinpoint their sonic influences, as they draw ample inspiration from Fleetwood Mac, Sheryl Crow, and even a bit of old school Taylor Swift. And though these influences play a large part in forming the band’s well-established soundscape, The Buckleys manage to sound like something fresh and original all the while. READ MORE