A.V. CLUB: QUEEN KWONG “14 albums you should listen to in July”

With her ethereal vocals, provocative lyrics, distorted guitars, and industrial-infused soundscapes, it’s easy to see why Queen Kwong singer/songwriter Carré Kwong Callaway caught the attention of Trent Reznor back in 2005. After becoming his protege and touring with Nine Inch Nails for three different tours, she went on to release two well-received albums and two EPs between 2015 and 2019. Now, after a tumultuous hiatus that included the life-changing one-two punch of a cystic fibrosis diagnosis and the bitter end of a marriage (her husband left her high and dry following her grim prognosis), the indie dream-pop songstress is delivering her third LP, Couples Only.  And if the brooding first single “I Know Who You Are” is any indication (Check out the disturbing video above, inspired by Andrzej Żuławski’s 1981 horror classic Possession), Callaway is clearly channeling her recent physical and mental traumas, resulting in what sounds (and looks to be) her most visceral work yet. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Surprisingly, there are luminous moments of levity, such as the shimmery and upbeat synth-pop single that is “Without You, Whatever.” [Gil Macias] LINK