The Falcon




What would an Ornithologist say about The Falcon? Well, they would be filed under the “Punk Supergroup” classification for starters. Territory: first spotted in the Midwest, although they’ve since propagated throughout the Americas, as all the members now nest in different time zones. They’d be known as an extremely rare specimen that migrates from one shitty bar to the next, wetting their beaks and ruffling feathers. Not quite extinct, but they only spread their wings every few years. They’re like the Bigfoot of the skies and they’ve emerged once again to deliver the 12-song album, Gather Up The Chaps.

When members of The Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio, and Rise Against got together back in 2004 to make music in the name of fun, no one knew it would be THAT much fun or that their side project would be received so well. After a lot of laughs and several thousands of copies later, their 5-song debut EP (dubbed God Don’t Make No Trash -or- Up Your Ass With Broken Glass) was such a hit with the kids that it prompted the guys to crack some more brews and work on an entire album. That’s when their debut full-length was hatched: 2006’s Unicornography. 11 songs of singalong punk and Clash-esque ska. That record is important to us because it’s the all-time bestselling Red Scare release. Thanks, guys! *high five* Falcon?! More like golden goose!

After a soaring start the band headlined a big show at Metro in Chicago in 2006 and did a tour alongside The Lawrence Arms in 2007; where Eli from Smoking Popes filled in. Because their main bands were always busy with tours and recording, The Falcon went into hibernation, only to seldom resurface to play special shows in Chicago with bands like Naked Raygun or Bouncing Souls. Then a strange thing occurred in 2014: there was activity in the skies and the band swooped in to crank out a new song for the Red Scare 10-Year Anniversary compilation. That obviously called for another show, and 1,000+ folks flocked to Chicago. Among them was Philadelphia peacock, Dave Hause—of The Loved Ones—who has since joined the band as a permanent member on second guitar.

That brings us to now and what everyone has been chirpin’ about. The Falcon was cooped up in the studio this past Winter and emerged with a fresh collection of songs about drugs and jackin’ off. These four buzzards cover the birds AND the bees! Oh, you thought with all these stupid avian references that this music was like a tribute to the Audubon Society? Nope. It’s vulgar, dark, risqué, and hilarious. You better hide this album under your bed with your old old copies of Swank and Club International, ‘cuz your mom is gonna be real disappointed if she finds this.

You can also expect to spot these dirty birds on tour all year and playing festivals in support of this smut…

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