Brett Newski

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Newski’s sophomore LP “Land, Air, Sea, Garage” was recorded at a surf camp in the Sri Lankan jungle, and at home in Wisconsin. The album is about diving into the world with no safety net and landing on your feet. It’s a smart indie rock n’ roll record with tongue-in-cheek moments that show parallels to Jonathan Richman, Mountain Goats, early Weezer, Frank Turner, & Elliot Smith.


Brett Newski is not a “cool” band. In fact, he’s not a band at all. The former McDonalds employee now makes a living driving a shitty car around the world, playing shows from America to South Africa to Europe. With the lifespan of bands growing shorter every year, Newski planned for longevity by setting up a one-man touring band that could be fit in both cozy lil’ venues and raucous festival environments.


“My ‘band’ won’t break up until I’m dead,” says Newski.


Over-time, Newski became an anti-hero who didn’t play by the rules of the music business, operating with unconventional booking tactics like the “One Man Garage Band Tour” or “Weirdest Venues in the World Tour”, setting up shows in old garages, kitchens, attics, and murder houses. His tireless touring inspired a few of his songwriter friends to quit their jobs and play music full-time.

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