Photo Credit: Steve Gullick   Alison Moyet is a Basildon girl born to a French father and English mother. Having left school at 16, she began her musical journey in punk bands and on the Canvey Island pub rock scene. Her piano tuning studies came to an abrupt halt when ‘Only You’ became […]

Alison Moyet

  Best Ex is the project of NJ Native Mariel Loveland and a rotating cast of friends most often including Matt Ferraro, John Clifford and Bobby Vaughn. After catching the attention of New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert, the band formerly called Candy Hearts recorded an EP and LP on […]

Best Ex

Photo credit: Jaret Ferratusco
  The Bigger Empty wasn’t supposed to happen. In 2014, Mike Felumlee went into the studio, joined by his longtime backing band, to record his new album—but this time, something was different. At some point, he realized, they’d stopped making a record, and had inadvertently started a new band. After […]

The Bigger Empty

Nicole Mago   “We’re older, we’re wiser, we’re more mature,” MC Gift of Gab (nee Timothy Parker) says of Imani, Vol. 1, Blackalicious‘ first new album in a decade.  “It’s better now, because we’ve grown as people and artists.” “Each one of these records is a chapter in our lives, and […]


Brevet neon 2
  Passion brought The Brevet together, and it defines their music. Their very name represents a Civil War rank awarded to individuals who went above and beyond the call of duty without the expectation of extra monetary compensation. In other words, The Brevet traditionally act out of their passion for […]

The Brevet

bridgit mendler
    Bridgit Mendler has already released a platinum single (“Ready or Not”), dropped an album that went Top 30 on the Billboard charts and No. 1 on iTunes (Hello My Name Is…), and twice toured the U.S. Yet when she began working on her first studio recording in four years, she was […]

Bridgit Mendler

c duncan 1
  Born in Glasgow in 1989, the son of two classical musicians, C Duncan has been surrounded by music his entire life.  As a child Christopher learned to play piano and viola and later, as he came into his teens and started playing in school bands, he took up the […]

C Duncan

Chuck Ragan - SideOneDummy Records - Photograph by Lisa Johnson Rock Photographer.   Chuck Ragan’s bracing new release Till Midnight once again confirms what the iconoclastic singer-songwriter’s fans have known all along: that he’s a deeply compelling songwriter and an effortlessly charismatic performer, as well as a true believer in music’s ability to illuminate and inspire. Till Midnight‘s ten typically impassioned new Ragan […]

Chuck Ragan

Photo credit: Robbie Negrin
  “Songwriting has always been my quiet therapy,” says Matt MacDonald, singer and songwriter of The Classic Crime. “I’m not very good at being vulnerable with people, so writing songs is how I express what I’ve been protecting.”   In their first LP of new songs since Phoenix in 2012, […]

The Classic Crime

photo credit: Keelee Lovaas
  Cody Lovaas is a no-nonsense songwriter. When he’s got a guitar in hand or he’s behind the mic, he’s all business—he’s atypically studious about the pop music he listens to and draws influence from, and he’s even more serious about breaking any mold critics would try to fit him […]

Cody Lovaas

David Bean   Propelled by Chris Carrabba’s intimate and emotionally raw lyrics, sweeping acoustics, and his charismatic presence, Dashboard Confessional stands as one of the biggest alternative bands of the 2000s.  Critically acclaimed and embraced by a legion of fans, Dashboard’s brand of alternative rock swept through a generation who embraced […]

Dashboard Confessional

  Prolific British-rock inspired singer-songwriter Edward Rogers is gearing up to release his seventh solo album, TV Generation, via Zip Records on June 9th. In the tradition of Ray Davies, Ian Dury and Kevin Ayers, TV Generation pairs Rogers’ authentic and reflective lyricism with his powerful melodic voice creating an […]

Edward Rogers

electricsixwide     Eternal life can seem like an eternity. Ask any vampire. The continuous march of sun ups, sun downs, transformations of form, seductions, cape fittings and exsanguinations… eventually it all just becomes an endless, tired routine. It all seems so exciting and so sexy to those of us […]

Electric Six

980x300_EnglishBeat_credit_Bryan_Kremkau   Words by Louis Kahn please do not reprint without permission ([email protected]) ©2015 The English Beat is a band with an energetic mix of musical styles and a sound like no other. The band’s unique sound has allowed it to endure for nearly three decades and appeal to fans, young […]

English Beat

Tom Martin   The adventure begins. And what joy in the upheaval. Rou Reynolds, September 2014: “We’ve been lumped in with a lot of bands in the past who do the same thing over and over again. Our fidgetiness is stronger than anything. We steer so clear of that. We actually […]

Enter Shikari

Photo Credit: Bridgette Aikens
  Fantastic Negrito is a man’s truth told in the form of black roots music. Each song is a real story about a musician from Oakland who experienced the highs of a million dollar record deal, the lows of a near fatal car accident that left him in a coma, […]

Fantastic Negrito

Photo credit: Mark Austin Heim of Maximum Flavor Media
The Gift of Gab is most well known as MC, and one-half, of the rap duo Blackalicious. Along with producer/DJ Chief Xcel, the two have sold over half a million records worldwide, toured extensively across the globe and have had their music licensed by some of the most well-known brands […]

Gift of Gab

Gang of Four   UK’s legendary post-punk GANG OF FOUR will release a new album, What Happens Next, on February 24, 2015 on Metropolis Records in the USA and Canada, and Membran in Europe. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed album Content, What Happens Next features collaborations with Alison Mosshart from The […]

Gang of Four

Photography: Chelone Wolf @chelonewolf (instagram)
  GOLDIE – A LIFE IN GILDED SPLINTERS (2017 Biog) “In my music,” says Goldie, “is everything I’ve learned, everyone I’ve met, everything I’ve experienced.” And it’s been an incredible trip. The maverick innovator – who rewrote the future of the jungle scene with landmark releases that still sound like […]


Lindsey Byrnes
     “The concept of this EP is essentially personal growth and strength. Like everyone, I have been through tough times and have always been resilient and rose back up,” says alt-rocker JULIET SIMMS about her new EP FROM THE GRAVE which will be independently released on July 15, 2016. “In many ways, […]

Juliet Simms

dennys ilic Photography   Renowned locally and internationally in the fields of Music and Performance, Kristian Nairn is a prolific homegrown talent. As a musician, Nairn has tread the boards with such acts as Scissor Sisters, Mylo, Calvin Harris and Alphabeat; as well as being part of bands such as AJ Suzuki and Dublin’s very own Daddy’s Little Princess. As a DJ […]

Kristian Nairn

photo credit: Rick Guest
Leftfield – Neil Barnes and Paul Daley – one of electronic music’s all time greatest acts – today announce the release of Leftism 22 a very special reissue of their seminal debut album Leftism and a UK tour where Leftfield (now led solely by Neil Barnes) will perform the record in full.  Leftism 22 is available to download and buy from […]


Photo Credit: Lauren Desberg
  “I’ve had people come up to me after shows and tell me that they have never danced in public before, but they couldn’t help themselves at our show,” says saxophonist and bass clarinetist Daro Behroozi of Lucky Chops, an explosive NYC-based brass/woodwind/drums five-piece live juggernaut of a band.  Formed initially over 10 years […]

Lucky Chops

Photo Credit: Valerie Philips
  Manic Street Preachers get set for spring/summer of 2017 with a selection of activities both release wise and live.  Having recently moved into a new studio outside Newport after leaving their Cardiff base in the Autumn of 2016, they are about to start work on a new album, the […]

Manic Street Preachers

marie Marie Miller is a Curb records artist triple threat: singer, songwriter and instrumentalist. Growing up in the Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia, the third of ten children, Miller began singing at the age of seven. At twelve she joined her family band, playing festivals and churches, with her sister […]

Marie Miller

MaximoPark_Credit-Steve Gullick
      “I was worried that some of the songs would be irrelevant by the time the record came out,” says Maxïmo Park frontman Paul Smith. “Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.” As you’ve probably noticed, we have entered one of those unfortunate periods in history when […]

Maxïmo Park

Jack Dangers is the composer and sound sculptor behind Meat Beat Manifesto. His constantly evolving musical invention has generated a long string of futuristic classics, “God O.D.,” “Strap Down,” “Psyche Out,” “Helter Skelter,” “Radio Babylon,” “Edge of No Control” and “It’s The Music.” The single, “Prime Audio Soup,” from the Meat Beat […]

Meat Beat Manifesto

Moving Units 2016 (1)
MOVING UNITS Biography The club lights are low. The dance floor is a sweaty blur of shadows. You can feel the blood and adrenaline surging through the crowd. There’s a band on-stage and they are telepathically connected to the audience—making bodies bounce like it was a feat of mind control. […]

Moving Units

photo credit: Cihan Unalan
    Thin with prominent cheekbones, a baritone voice, and a penchant for gloomy poetics, Peter John Joseph Murphy (born 11 July 1957) is an English singer and musician. He was the vocalist of the rock group Bauhaus and later went on to release a number of solo albums, such […]

Peter Murphy

Photo Credit - Thomas Falcone
    Since 2006, Pierce The Veil unassumingly, yet consistently have climbed their way into the hearts of millions worldwide via an unshakable devotion to making honest and hypnotic hard rock. The San Diego quartet—Vic Fuentes [vocals, rhythm guitar, keys], Mike Fuentes [drums, percussion], Tony Perry [lead guitar], and Jaime […]

Pierce the Veil

Photo credit: Paul Rae; Projections by Cloaking.US
  “Kevin [Haskins] and I get along really well, like a house on fire, we’re really different personalities, which is why it probably works,” says Daniel Ash about long-running bandmate of numerous bands in the last three decades. Daniel and Kevin have formed the new band POPTONE, joined by Haskins’ daughter Diva Dompe, which embraces all aspects […]


1 Do You Feel Tour “Do You Feel is a special album within the Rocket Summer community,” says THE ROCKET SUMMER’s own BRYCE AVARY, “Fans have been asking since the album’s original release 10 years ago if it would ever finally come out on vinyl. I think I’ve been longing for it maybe just […]

The Rocket Summer

  Since their humble DIY beginnings in 1981, Osaka, Japan’s Shonen Knife have been building a faithful following of rock enthusiasts and alternative rock elite, their relentless journey securing the band’s place as one of the pioneer ambassadors of Japanese rock music and culture on the international stage. The rock […]

Shonen Knife

The_Sounds_006 copy   It has been three long years since Swedish indie rockers THE SOUNDS have toured the US and it’s been ten full years since they released their iconic breakthrough album DYING TO SAY THIS TO YOU (2006).  Realizing that this has been far too long in both instances, The Sounds have announced that […]

The Sounds

"Paralyzed" single art
Whereas other artists may withdraw to quieter havens to get into their zones, it’s interesting that Stolar would further retreat to New York, a place far from tranquil and calm, to work on his upcoming releases. “Paralyzed,” out in February, is a song about pondering the escape from feeling irrevocably stuck […]


Photo credit: Ryan Russell
    TIDAL WAVE (Hopeless Records) In case you don’t know us, here are some words from a long-time friend and journalist, Jonah Bayer, about our new album, Tidal Wave…   It’s difficult to believe that Tidal Wave is Taking Back Sunday’s seventh album. While most of their peers have […]

Taking Back Sunday

November 18, 2016 - New York, NY Portrait shoot with Thievery Corporation's Rob Garza and Eric Hilton credit Jen Maler
    How many highly successful musical artists do you know that have thrived for 20 years without a radio hit, a big budget video, or major label backing? Moreover, have managed to do high-profile TV appearances, own and operate their own independent label since day one, sell several million […]

Thievery Corporation

TwinForks_07_2518   “I use my gut, and my gut don’t lie to me” is more than just a lyric in Twin Forks’ exuberant “Something We Just Know,” it is a kind of mission statement for the quartet. If you’ve ever been to a musical performance that made you lose all […]

Twin Forks

Photo credit: Joe Brady     “When saying farewell, it is hard to know where to start, especially when there are so many reasons not to say it, but the time has come to share this news,” said YELLOWCARD in a unified statement. “After countless discussions and months of thought, we have decided that it […]