There is an undercurrent of thoughtful and creative collaboration that runs through all of Tedy’s music. It’s the desire to make a connection, whether it’s between lyrics and melodies, or the reaction from the song to the listener. Tedy has always strived to have a meaningful response to all of his creative endeavours. 

The desire to connect has definitely been fashioned from a young age, which saw Tedy migrate from Haiti to several cities, before landing in Montreal. The moves made it difficult to make friendships and build relationships, motivating Tedy to create art that would have an effect on people, and enable him to connect with them.

He quickly achieved this goal creating a successful YouTube channel, where he was able to have an instantaneous response to artful content and build a following of over 900,000 YouTube subscribers. These hugely successful “Reaction King” videos captured his self-effacing humour and excitable personality, but Tedy quickly realized that his deeper emotional needs were not being met. Because of that, he made an abrupt change and turned to songwriting, hoping to fill a void and relate to his peers, through shared life experiences expressed through music.

When he wrote and recorded his very first song “Soar” in 2014, he didn’t know how to play any instruments. He heard sounds in his head from the music he’d been listening to all his life, and knew he had to find a way to deliver those melodies to the rest of the world. He started writing lyrics about how you can be whatever you want to be, as long as you believe in yourself. “What matters most is that people get completely lost when they listen to my songs and heal whatever they’re going through,” said Tedy.

He continued to make music, and in early 2016 Tedy released “Can I” on Spotify, and it has streamed 3.5 million times to date. In July 2018, “Hold On Tighter” made its debut and now has 1 million streams on Spotify. The two tracks average around 16,000 streams a month even though he hasn’t released any new music since the summer of 2018. With his visibility growing (144,000 monthly Spotify listeners and over 900,000 YouTube subscribers), the popular YouTube channel MrSuicideSheep picked up a couple of his songs, including “Lost & Found”, and things really took off.

When audiences began to discover Tedy’s music, it just made the young artist eager to create more music. Tedy reflected: “The goal of my music is to connect with people; That’s the most important thing. That lit a fire in me. I thought – ‘There is hope. Somebody likes this’.” 

At the start of 2019, Tedy went into the studio to work on his major-label debut, continuing his sound and creative evolution. The result is Tedy’s first release on Sony Music: reflective, dark, soulful rhythmic-pop, anchored by his unique vocals. There’s more guitar than there was on his piano-dominated early work but the emotions remain as stark and powerful as ever.

“The songs are pulled from my life,” says Tedy. “For me, writing songs is therapeutic.”

To that end, the first track from Tedy’s new body of work, “Stuck”, is a fitting launch to this new phase of his life. The infectious smile and warmth that are the essence of Tedy, are now juxtaposed with the stark and haunting music he makes – those sounds in Tedy’s head. “Stuck” is a powerful song co produced by Mike Wise (Bulow, Ellie Goulding, Chainsmokers, Upshal) and Herag Sanbalian. It’s about sadness, depression and self-destruction. It underscores that despite whatever traumatic situation we have experienced, we need to accept the good and the dark side of ourselves in order to move forward.

Performing live for his fans is a dream for Tedy. He has been vigorously rehearsing new tracks from his upcoming EP due out in 2020 and is most excited about sharing his new music live with them.