Spaghetti & Frank

(OCTOBER 6, 2020) “I feel like it’s no longer a question of Right or Left. It’s a matter of right or wrong,” says Eddie Spaghetti of the Supersuckers about his new single and video (directed by Jason Valdez), a cover of Tom Petty’s “Jammin’ Me” with LA punk mainstay Frank Meyer of the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs under the bandname SPAGHETTI & FRANK. “This election isn’t like you’re getting married. You’re not picking your life partner here. It’s more like public transit. You just wanna get on the bus that’s going to take you closer to home than you currently are.”

“Jammin’ Me” addresses the chaotic political climate as the country enters the final weeks before Election Day. “We felt in this current world of reality TV and a reality TV president, this was a perfect opportunity to update [‘Jammin’ Me’] and make the lyrics relevant to today,” explains Meyer. “The election is coming up and I guess this is our statement about where we stand…. and, more specifically. who we do NOTstand with… and that is President Trump.”

Set for release on Tuesday, October 6, 2020 (four weeks before Election Day), “Jammin’ Me” takes Tom Petty’s heartland rock song and updates it, tackling the current socio-political climate of unhidden racism, societal intimidation, widespread violence, and most of all, Donald Trump. “[Democrat nominee Joe] Biden may not be ideal, but it’s not about that,” explains Spaghetti. “It’s about moving 180 degrees away from where we currently are… If [Trump] gets re-elected, I’m gonna lose my f***ing mind.”

Originally released in 1987 and co-written by Bob Dylan and Mike Campbell, “Jammin’ Me” was a scathing takedown of the culture and society at the time. With some updated lyrics, Spaghetti and Meyer expresses equal contempt for the current political climate. “It always kinda bothered me that he mentions some odd people as if he didn’t like them,” laughs Spaghetti. “Joe Piscopo? What did he do other than stop being funny? And why call out Eddie Murphy? I just didn’t get it, so I just namedropped some more current and decidedly more despicable people and things and… here you go.”

Meyer elaborates the lyrical change a bit more: “Petty’s original version calls out celebrities and phony politicians from the 80’s. We felt that in this current world of reality TV with a reality TV president, this was the perfect opportunity to update [‘Jammin’ Me’] and make the lyrics relevant to today.”

Take back Vanessa Redgrave
Take back Joe Piscopo
Take back Eddie Murphy
Give ’em all some place to go
Take back Paris Hilton
Take back the Kardashians
Take back ya Bill Cosby
And all the sh** that hits the fans

While the country reels from the messaging of violence, xenophobia, and with the pandemic still at-large, Spaghetti & Frank hope that their version of “Jammin’ Me” carries ample resonance to reach people as they mail in their ballots or head to the polls. “I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican. Any sane person has to admit that our current president is a complete trainwreck, dumpster fire,” says Meyer. “He makes me embarrassed to be an American. So voting him out is not only necessary, it’s the most American thing we can do. There’s never been a more important time to vote than right now.”

“Well, I hope it resonates with people who are maybe on the fence about voting this year,” adds Spaghetti. “It’s an unprecedented time in our world right now. We need some real leadership… or at least we need to get the current a**hole out of that role as he is clearly incapable.”

Concludes Meyer importantly, “Forget about partisan politics and just do the right thing.”