She Past Away

“…a brilliant album, one of the best in the underground scene of this millennium and it has serious reasons to be considered as a near- future classic” –This is Gothic Rock

A stunning blend of post-gothic rock, dark wave and dance rock, Turkey’s She Past Away presents the beautifully melancholic new album Disko Anksiyete. With influences ranging from Post-Punk and Cold Wave of the early 80s, with touches of New Order and Joy Division to The Sisters of Mercy and Killing Joke, She Past Away’s black-clad pastiche also artfully incorporates touches of Grauzone and D.A.F., spun into a new and innovative direction, coupled with an exotic Turkish twist.

Originally from the city of Bursa, now based in Istanbul, the duo of Volkan Caner, a uniquely gifted musician,  and Doruk Ozturkcan, a charismatic and talented producer, forgo the simplicity and traditionalism of much so-called goth rock and adopt a more avant garde set of sensibilities and diverse influences to create a new take on modern gloom. The music features elements of 80’s Cold Wave and Post-Punk guitars, accompanied by retro drum machine beats. The vocals perfectly compliment the dark, minimalist and poetic lyrics, where sentimental anxieties, nihilistic thoughts, and questioning taboos and existence are ever present. She Past Away’s lyrics are entirely in Turkish, as the band feels “only language that you really feel is your mother tongue. We believe that we definitely better express all the difficulties of the daily life in Turkish.”

She Past Away is driving. It is mesmerizing. It is haunting. Disko Anksiyete is the exploration of the dark and mysterious soul, where the strange accidents of fate find through these songs their way to our hearts and to the dance-floor.

Starting in 2006, Volkan had been crafting songs and getting them ready, and by 2009, this led to the creation of She Past Away. The digital-only debut EP “Kasvetli Kutlama”(“Gloomy Celebration”) was released in 2010, followed by their first album Belirdi Gece (“The Night Emerged”) which was released in 2012. Almost immediately, She Past Away was praised in numerous reviews, filled clubs across the world and on the success of this album have gained a legend status in the contemporary Dark Wave, Gothic and Post-Punk scene.

The success of the debut was followed by “Narin Yalnızlık”  in 2015. On this album, the duo captured a feeling of delicate loneliness. Bringing back the raw scent of the 80s dark underground, “Narin Yalnızlık” is a breathtaking, magnetic album.