“I refuse to put out music where I’m compromising myself. “‘Boom bap’ is where my heart lies and ‘boom bap’ is where it will stay,” was Prema777’s mentality at the beginning of this journey for Take Flight (getting a rerelease for early 2021 on iNTeLLectual Entertainment via Dock Street Records distributed through Tommy Boy). She is a songwriting poetess and devoted student of lyrical content. Throughout this trip, her goal has never changed as an emcee: to truly master the ceremonies of her voyage that’s still unravelling in the world.

She addresses the “EL’LION” (Lion + Elephant) in the room. Some may think “female rap”’ and yes that’s a part of it, but once the listener hears Prema777’s word wizardry, they will find there’s so much more to discover about her charismatic approach to how hip hop ties it all together for us.

Working with producer J.Glaze (Cappadonna, Inspectah Deck, Lil Jon, A Tribe Called Quest, Kurupt, Chasing Banksy movie score) at House Of Dreams on Staten Island, NY, has given her a fresh outlook on where her sound can elevate her power as a musician. Staten Island is filled with diversity, and the plethora of talent it offers gives Prema777 just the right edge to her raw wittiness and fun radiant sonics.

Rich and poor are perceptions; Prema777 grew up in Middletown, NJ and later Staten Island, NY and both good and bad times have shaped her style and sound. She is a survivor; living on her own since she was 17 years old and losing her father at a young age have been part of the blessings that fueled Prema777 with passion and desire to see her music as a tool through the eyes of the hip hop lens. Prema777 is still working and constantly growing. She has found her center in being the best Artist, Writer, CEO (of imunaTea, a fresh juice delivery service & President of Intellectual Entertainment, a multifaceted creative development enterprise), and most importantly the best Mother she can be every day. She is always striving to evolve.

Take Flight began as a metaphoric journey. It may feel like a long wait, but when you achieve your goal and leave the tarmac of hope, when you actually take off and “take flight”, you enter a state of “flow”. While most of us work our whole lives to achieve this, the rugged sounds of Prema777’s neon colored lyricism will bring you there in no time. That is the best way to sum up the whimsical classic boom baps she slaps on. She’s fun, she’s vibrant and she’s real, while still offering all the elements of a true emcee. With modern melodics and playful tones, paired over conscious sweetness and witty one liners, Prema777 has stirred up just the right combo boom bap-tickles to take you into her realm. It’s a ride of a lifetime and the listener will enjoy what she has to offer. Get ready to buckle up and …..Take Flight!