Limahl won the hearts of millions of teenage girls in the 80s as the lead singer of Kajagoogoo who stormed to the top of the charts with ‘Too Shy’ and ‘Kaja Mania’ was born. After two more top 20 hits with Kajagoogoo, Limahl and the band parted ways and suddenly found he had another huge global hit on his hands with ‘Never Ending Story’ from the film of the same name.

With five top 20 hits to his name, Limahl is no on-hit wonder.

Into the 90’s and Limahl co-formed a music production team called ‘Jupiter’ and worked with Kim Appleby, Kim Wilde, Peter Andre and Worlds Apart to name a few.

The 00’s saw Limahl branch into theatre to star in the Bruno Tonioli directed feel-good show ‘What A Feeling’ which toured the UK to huge success.

Thanks to VH-1, Kajagoogoo were reunited for the first time in 20 years and performing at The Scala which was filmed as part of the same channels ‘Bands Reunited’.

Limahl has appeared on TV in ‘Comeback’ (screened in Germany, Austria & Switzerland), released new material with Kajagoogoo culminating in tours of Germany & the UK, released a Christmas single, ‘London For Christmas’, appeared on ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’, ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’ and ‘Pointless Celebrities’ as well as becoming a firm fixture at many festivals.

In 2017 he toured Japan & Australia alongside Katrina (of The Waves), Men Without Hats, Martika, Berlin. And last year Limahl performed live for the first time in America on the Retro Futura tour alongside ABC, Belinda Carlisle, Annabella (Lwin) of Bow Bow Bow, Modern English, Tony Lewis (of The Outfield).

2019 has seen him perform at several Lets Rock Festivals (UK) with average audiences of 14,000 alongside Nik Kershaw, Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Shalamar, Thompson Twins, Paul Young, Thomas Dolby & many other 80s acts.

In the past couple of months he has appeared on several high profile TV shows in Poland and will be appearing in a film for TVP in December.

In October, after three years training as an actor, Limahl appeared in his first stage play ‘Earthquakes In London’ at The Oval House Theatre, London about climate change giving him another opportunity to showcase his talent.

Music this year used in various US TV shows:

1. ‘Too Shy’ used in ‘Black Mirror’ episode ‘Bandersnatch’.

2. ’Neverending Story’ used in season 3 finale of ’Stranger Things’ increasing the monthly Spotify streams from 300,000. to 1.5 million.

3. ’Too Shy’ used in Season 9 of ‘American Horror Story’ (episodes 7 & 8) with Limahl & Kajagoogoo as part of the storyline (an actor plays Limahl).

He continues to be in demand as a performer recently touring both Australia and Japan to acclaim and after more than 30 years in the business Limahl still loves to get up and sing!