January Jane


A January cold night. A bottle of bourbon. A chance encounter at a Gallery Opening on Jane Street. This is the stuff New York is made of. Life altering moments on seemingly ordinary nights; moments that couldn’t happen anywhere else, because ordinary doesn’t live here. Innocent conversations between total strangers leading to devilish realizations, turns out your girlfriend isn’t just yours.

4am – West Village –  Singer Pat Via, along with the after party, find themselves back at Guitarist Mitch Mitchell’s 5th Floor walk up – a whiskey fueled jam session leads to the newly introduced pair creating “New York City Lover”,  capturing the attention of a fellow partygoer who exclaimed, “grab your guitar! My buddy has a recording studio in his loft up the street and he needs to hear this. We’re going right now!”

In a New York minute, Pat and Mitch find themselves in the Meat Packing District performing their new song for Peter Scialla, the wolf of wellness, who also happens to be a brilliant piano player. Peter took an immediate interest in the dynamic duo and inquired, “how much do tour buses cost?”

By sunrise, January Jane was born.

January Jane’s debut album is the story of New York. She’s a beautiful, messy, addictive, seductress; the city that never sleeps, sleeps with everybody.