Daily Archives: May 25, 2021

Proving to be the new hotbed of musical talent coming out of the West Coast, Kitten Robot has signed celebrated punk band HAYLEY AND THE CRUSHERS to the label. Currently recording music remotely and in-person with producer Paul Roessler (T.S.O.L., Josie Cotton, Richie Ramone), the band are planning their follow-up to their third full-length, 2020’s Vintage Millennial and their […]

Hayley and the Crushers

A look into the history of Information Society is a peek at the evolution of electronic music. From their first self‐released album in 1983 to their upcoming  2021 album ODDfellows, InSoc (as they’re affectionately known), have grown from a young electronic band, mutating the sum total of their influences, to […]

Information Society