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(pronounced: Alee-see-yuh) Alicia Blue began her creative pursuits with a deep emersion into poetry that spanned her earliest years and filled her days with words, art and stories. While in college at Cal State Northridge her life in music began when she collided with a wheelchair-bound, aging soul singer named […]

Alicia Blue

In 2011, a group of 15 year old high schoolers from LA, raised on healthy doses of 90’s-era post-punk and grunge, with just enough old-school classic rock thrown in, came together to develop their own sound and started writing and playing original songs nearly from day one. The kids, now […]

Forty Feet Tall

“A butterfly was seen by a glider pilot at 11,000 feet. They may fly higher…” Losers began as an idea with two kindred spirits in the countryside studio of one of the noughties most interesting and underrated bands, The Cooper Temple Clause. The idea pupated, other musicians became involved, two […]


3LP DELUXE EDITION WILL INCLUDE NINE BONUS TRACKS, 24-PAGE BOOKLET  (hi res product shot here)   4LP DELUXE EDITION WILL INCLUDE EIGHTEEN BONUS TRACKS, 24-PAGE BOOKLET  (hi res product shot here) LOS ANGELES, CA — February 5, 2021 — It’s been 26 years since Do You Want More?!!!??!, the groundbreaking second studio album […]