Daily Archives: December 4, 2020

Merging the intricate digital elements of trip hop and electronica with the live elements of soul music and vocal performance, Philadelphia duo DECOUPLR are announcing their debut album DIGITAL BONFIRE (out February 2021) and releasing their first single “Cold Sweat” on all streaming platforms today. Beginning in West Philadelphia just last year, DECOUPLR came […]


“I didn’t make something that other people would necessarily want to listen to. I made something that I would want to jam out to forever,” says Pablo Alvarez, mastermind behind the indie rhythmic alt-rock band Good Bison. While it can be seen as a selfish risk to write music for […]

Good Bison

BIOGRAPHY Bio by Larry Fitzmaurice Taking some time off to clear your head can do a world of good — and sometimes it can lead to new discoveries about yourself, too. That’s the thinking behind Not a Game, Michael Tapper’s adventurous debut album as Practice. Teeming with lush synth work […]


In Her Own Words: “The idea is to create a monumental piece of art conceptually and contextually that is ahead of its time, without neglecting the influences of everything I have ever heard. From Sinatra to Burning Spear to Mahalia Jackson to the haunting kumina drums I heard as a […]

Racquel Jones