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New Single “Summer’s Over” Wistfully Mourns 2020 “How much time did we lose? Is everyone here?” mulls Animalweapon’s hugely evocative new  single “Summer’s Over.” Released by Polychromatic Records on Oct. 9, it’s an intimate whisper  with universal resonance.  “It’s very much a song for this moment,” said Patrick Cortes, aka […]


“The project is called Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe (DMvsSJ) because we both have assumed these alter egos over the years,” says former The Icarus Line frontman Joe Cardamone to Rolling Stone about his new band which also features Screaming Trees’ Mark Lanegan. “The material we wanted to do together […]

Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe (feat. Mark Lanegan and Joe ...

“The Plague Garden would never have come to life in this incarnation were it not for the 2020 plague, which is not to say that I am thanking the plague for the album,” smirks Ryder Cooley, self-proclaimed “Faerie Queen” of New York-based dark carnival band The Dust Bowl Faeries. Their […]

The Dust Bowl Faeries

Covering iconic artists like The Beatles is not something any artist should take lightly, or in many cases, attempt. Synthwave artists GUNSHIP have not only risen to the challenge, they’ve done the legendary classic “Eleanor Rigby” justice. With a cover of that track releasing today in time for Halloween, October […]


The Neverlutionaries’ self-titled debut LP album is an unfiltered expression of the heart that seamlessly straddles moods and genres. The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist songwriter Christopher Harold Wells and bound by his distinctively soulful timbre, the eponymous eight-song release tints hook-laden alternative rock with psychedelia, shoegaze-y jazz, and subtle funk. “The […]

The Neverlutionaries